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July 18, 2008

What would YouTube show?

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This morning I discovered that another person had clicked on one of my GoogleAds, earning me 73 cents and taking me within spitting distance of the $10 mark (where Google ask for my banks details). Whilst GoogleAds don’t make me a fortune, it is always interesting to see the ads that Google ‘thinks’ most appropriate for my site. A glance today finds that I strangely have an ad for hotels in Leamington Spa on the homepage! There was once a Leamington Spa post on the front-page of the blog, but it has long since descended into the archives, and any visitors would find Leamington Spa hotels wholly inappropriate (except whilst this post is visible). Anyway, whilst clicking around on the AdSense site I decided that it would be interesting to see what videos ads the AdSense Player algorithms would deem appropriate for my site.

Without entering any keywords, and accepting videos from all categories:

April 24, 2008

Google Me: The Movie

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As well as the arrival of my Wii Fit (hopefully), tomorrow will also see the launch of Google Me: The Movie on YouTube. Jim Killeen Google’s his own name, then travels the world meeting other Jim Killeens…sound familiar? Obviously Killeen is a massive Dave Gorman fan, mixing up Gorman’s Googlewhack adventures and Are you Dave Gorman? into one YouTube film.

What is of interest is that the film will be shown for free on YouTube (‘for a limited time only’). Which, if Andrew Keen’s figures are anything to go by, is unlikely to make Killeen a fortune. It will however provide a documentary that doesn’t seem to be particularly original a lot more publicity than it would otherwise have got.

Maybe we will see more films publicising themselves like this in the future: show for a couple of days for free, then let word of mouth drive traffic to the cinemas/DVDs. How much does a Hollywood blockbuster spend on publicity? How much would they lose by making it available on YouTube for a day or two? Obviously Killeen has nothing to lose in comparison to the millions a big studio would be risking, but it would be interesting to see one give it a try.

So, will I take a break from sculpting my body on the Wii fit to watch Google Me The Movie? Possibly, but it will have to be better than the rather annoying web site that goes with it.

April 9, 2008

Web 2.0 Video: The Truth According to Wikipedia

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A video worth watching if you want an overview of the web 2.0 debate.

Personally I found that I wanted to slap people on both sides of the debate; not everyone, just the usual suspects. Whilst you expect a certain arrogance from the anti-web 2.0 group, the arrogance of web 2.0 enthusiasts seems a little contradictory. The truth is somewhere between the extremes.

January 24, 2008

All YouTube content now mobile: Please use headphones

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Search Engine Journal are pointing out that all YouTube content is now available on 3G smart phones…about bloody time. The YouTube mobile site has been available for ages, http://m.youtube.com/ but has until now had a VERY limited amount of content.

Whilst the content has been available through unofficial applications for some phones (e.g., emTube), for some reason I could only get them to work with wi-fi rather than 3G, which didn’t really utilise the mobile aspect of the phone.

My only concern with YouTube mobile is the inevitable increase in people having noisy gadgets in public places. I’m sure that video of the baby laughing, or someone falling over is hilarious, but I really don’t want to hear it. If you don’t already have them, PLEASE BUY SOME HEADPHONES!!

December 28, 2007

Bloglines after a Christmas break

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If I don’t look at my Bloglines account every few hours the number of items soon starts getting out of hand. If I don’t look at it for a couple of days I find myself putting off the inevitable confrontation. Returning from Christmas in Norway, after not looking at Bloglines for a week, I find myself dreading the task in hand. Would I really miss out on some important item of note if I ditched the 1,358 items I am told I haven’t looked at? Probably not, but there is always the fear/hope that there will be something really interesting buried amongst the rubbish.

The only web story I came across whilst I was away was the Royal Channel on YouTube (every news channel seemed to discuss it), although I also noticed advertising on the BBC web site for the first time outside the UK (whilst checking the football scores). Both good examples of traditional institutions adapting to the modern world.

Unfortunately not everyone is as up-to-date as the Queen and the BBC, T-mobile’s current data plan could quite easily see many people dragged off to the poorhouse when travelling abroad: £7.50 per Mb of web browsing! Admittedly you have to be pretty foolish to not pay close attention to these things before travelling, but with 3G connections the Mb can quickly add up. My solution was to simply not use the web on my phone whilst away, but really it is time that the phone companies’ caught up, we aren’t looking at WAP anymore!

November 26, 2007

Freedom of Speech

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I have never particularly been a fan of absolute freedom of speech, I believe that too often such a policy provides a platform for the more disgusting elements of society (Oxford Union hang your head in shame) and we need to impose certain limitations. Whilst most people would agree with certain limitations, for these limitations to be acceptable they have to be the limitations we impose.

Few complain about the deletion of hardcore pornography or racist hate speeches from YouTube, and any who do defend such rights are idiots, but these values are based on what is acceptable behaviour in the West. Other cultures have different values and ideas of acceptable behaviour, most more conservative, but some potentially more liberal. Is it any more acceptable for us impose our values, than for a more liberal society to impose their values on us?

Mashable draws attention to the ‘hypocritical’ YouTube censorship in Taiwan, but when we accept such censorship in the West we should be careful about who we call hypocritical.

October 4, 2007

Berkeley on YouTube: News?

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One of the Tech stories doing the rounds on the web at the moment is that “UC Berkeley puts courses on YouTube“, but whilst the use of YouTube may be new for Berkeley, Berkeley having videos online isn’t. Mashable points out that many of the videos have been available on Google Video, whilst it should also be pointed out that many more videos and lots of podcasts have also been available at the university’s web site.

Berkeley is lucky enough to be able to get some of the top speakers to give lectures in various fields (speakers who would never bother speaking at my university), and it is good for education and research generally that Berkeley is willing to share these lectures. YouTube enables the sharing of the lectures far more easily than Berkeley’s previous static homepage, with the potential for others to highlight and spread the videos by embedding them in blogs and on web pages. It is a shame however that Berkeley’s YouTube page links to the university homepage, rather than their webcasts page, which would have highlighted all the additional podcasts that are available.

The downside. That would be the awful ‘You See Berkeley’ video.

Maybe its just a reflection of a European/American divide, but that video would put me off going to Berkeley.

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