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December 22, 2008

King of Kong: The ‘Nintendo Wii Virtual Console’ Chapter

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Yesterday, after weeks of waiting, I finally got broadband access at my new home. The first thing I did: download Donkey Kong onto the Wii’s virtual console. Ever since watching The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters a couple of weeks ago I have been waiting to download the game.

Whilst I am one of the world’s worst computer game players, by the end of the film I couldn’t help but wonder how big a score I could get if I wasted enough hours. Whilst the virtual console is not comparable with the Donkey Kong Arcade cabinet, I doubt my girlfriend would have welcomed the arcade machine into our home, and the Wii game works out to be a far more reasonable £3.50. ALso, Twin Galaxies only have two high scores listed for Donkey Kong on the Nitendo Wii Virtual Console in the PAL region. So all I have to do is beat a score of 199,900, and I will have a really obscure Donkey Kong record (I would need to beat 258,900 in the NTSC region, whilst the original arcade machine would have been 1,050,200). Game on.

November 15, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour (On the Wii)

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First I got Guitar Hero on the Wii. Then I got Guitar Hero on my N95. Yesterday I got Guitar Hero World Tour:
Whilst I now seemingly have guitars coming out my ears, my instrument of choice is without doubt the drums. Goodbye academia, I have found my new calling in life: I shall become a drummer. Back in July it was reported that drummers need the stamina of a Premiership footballer, bets are now being taken on how long it will be until academics are measuring the energy of World Tour drummers.

The only downside to World Tour is the size of my TV, especially when you want to sing along. Unfortunately my girlfriend does not agree that this is proof I need a 52 inch HDTV.

July 18, 2008

Green Wii Peripherals??

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I love the Wii and its wireless peripherals, but I hate having to make sure I have a constant supply of charged batteries. However a story over Engadget about a power-generating dance floor, got me thinking. Couldn’t they create a power-generating wii board? Or a shake generated remote?

I appreciate that one person stepping on and off a Wii board wouldn’t provide much power, but how much power does a Wii Fit board need? Whilst the Green Wii Remote could be a scaled down affair that doesn’t include sound or vibrating. Would these be possible with current technology??

April 9, 2008

iPlayer on the Wii: Now where should I put my Wii?

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The BBC’s iPlayer can now be streamed on the Wii, currently through the Opera browser, but eventually with its own channel. Whilst the public will generally welcome the move, the ISPs will continue their whinging after selling packages that they can’t afford honour properly. Suggestions from the ISPs that the BBC should help pay for the rising costs are idiotic; services like the iPlayer will help push the UK’s internet infrastructure to higher standards and shouldn’t be penalised.

My own problems with the iPlayer will be less costly than it will be for the ISPs. My biggest problem is that I don’t know where to put my Wii now. I currently can’t get the iPlayer on my TV as the files refuse to be routed via the Netgear EVA 700, but at the same time I like my current PC/Wii all-in-one set-up. Nonetheless I think the latest platfirn has partly placated my wrath from when they rolled out on the iPhone before the N95.

Whilst I have found that the iPlayer on the Wii isn’t as good a picture as on the PC, this is probably due to it being routed via a TVBOX to my PC screen, and will probably improve when it gets its own channel.

February 24, 2008

Wii goes even more retro!

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According to an Engadget post a couple of days ago (I’ve been busy) the Wii is going to start adding C64 games to their virtual console. A console that already offers a selection of games from the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Sega Mega Drive, and two I had never heard of, the Neo Geo, and Turbografx.

The addition of the C64 will allow the younger generation to try real games rather than the pathetic offerings of today. Personally I am hoping for addition of Manic Miner and Chuckie Egg. If you can’t get the whole level on one screen I am just not interested!

nb. My girlfriend is too young to remember the joys of computer games, rather than console games, so if Nintendo come across this: Could you please hurry up with a releasing a version of MicroMachines so she will stop going on about it. Thanks.

January 2, 2008

Legend of Rock!

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Is there anything more Rock than bare feet and a bright-blue Christmas tree?

Theoretically Guitar Hero III on the Wii is not as good as on the PS3 or the XBox 360, although I doubt anyone who plays it wil be sitting there complaining. I bought the game in ignorance of the Wii’s limitations and on first playing it last night I found 4.5 hours passed with the only complaint being I was exhausted at the end.

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