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July 18, 2008

Green Wii Peripherals??

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I love the Wii and its wireless peripherals, but I hate having to make sure I have a constant supply of charged batteries. However a story over Engadget about a power-generating dance floor, got me thinking. Couldn’t they create a power-generating wii board? Or a shake generated remote?

I appreciate that one person stepping on and off a Wii board wouldn’t provide much power, but how much power does a Wii Fit board need? Whilst the Green Wii Remote could be a scaled down affair that doesn’t include sound or vibrating. Would these be possible with current technology??

May 19, 2008

Wii Fit Diary – End of Week 3

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Last Friday saw me ending my 3rd week on the Wii Fit. Unfortunately the week saw my BMI rise for the second week in a row, despite accumulating 6hrs 43mins in comparison to the previous week’s 4hrs 50mins.

It doesn’t look good for this week either, having already failed to workout either Saturday or Sunday. Defiantly time to put in some extra effort, and not just on the fun little balance games.

May 10, 2008

Wii Fit Diary – How is everyone else getting on?

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As I have just earned myself a platinum pig, due to accumulating 20 hours on the Wii Fit, it seems an appropriate time to see how others are getting on with their Wii Fits.

Whilst there are a number of people out there keeping Wii Fit diaries, or at least posting about the Wii Fit occassionally, they will soon be over-shadowed by Engadget’s 30 day test which has just started; it was nice getting the traffic whilst it lasted.

Wii-Fit-Me-Fit is providing an unbelievably detailed diary of her Wii Fit activities, which generally account for 30mins a day. Now on day nine, her BMI dropped from 30.08 to 30.05 in the first week. Whilst I wouldn’t have thought 30 mins a day would be enough, that is also the aim of Assasin, and he lost 5lbs in the first week! I was beeginning to get big headed about my first week’s loss of 3lbs, but it doesn’t look as impressive now. 30 mins a day seems to be what most people are aiming for, but not everyone is giving the details.

It’s good to see how others are getting on, although a shame that some only keep going for a week (incl. Wired), it will definately take many weeks for the Wii Fit to make a difference.

Wii Fit Diary – End of Week 2

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Yesterday saw the end of my second week with a wii fit, unfortunately not a particularly successful week. My weight continues to be 14st 2lbs, whith the more accurate body mass index showing a slight rise from 26.21 to 26.27.

Whilst the Wii Fit Age hasn’t shown the highs of the first week, it hasn’t shown the lows either. All in all, the results show a need to use it more often. Over the whole week only 4hrs 50mins were accumulated.

Is the Wii Fit losing some of its shine already? Or was it just a particularly busy week? Only time will tell.

May 2, 2008

Wii Fit Diary – End of Week 1

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After having my Wii Fit for one week, am I any closer to gaining a six pack? Not really. Although there have been steps in the right direction, there is still a long way to go.

Despite the fluctuations in my weight over the week, overall I have somehow manage to lose 3 lbs! According to the Wii Fit my weight has fallen from 14st 5lbs to 14st 2lbs…has the Wii Fit broken already? Part of the fluctuation is attributable to the different times of day I have weighed myself, today I tested myself within an hour of the original test.

My Wii Fit Age has fluctuated even more, ranging from an impressive 24 to a disappointing 42. The fluctuations reflect the randomness of the tests that Wii Fit gives you; whereas I score highly on some, I do badly on others.

The biggest problem with the Wii Fit is finding the time to fit it in. Accruing an hours worth of exercise probably takes nearer to an hour and a half, or two hours. Whilst at the weekend I managed to collect the maximum 180mins each, this proved impossible on a work day. Total exercise time accrued: 13hrs 56mins.

More time is necessary before any conclusions regarding the Wii Fit can be reached.

April 28, 2008

Wii Fit Diary – Day 4

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Despite accumulating the maximum three hours a day for the first three days, as well as an hour this morning, I still have not opened up all the exercises: 3 Muscle Workouts, and one Aerobic Exercise to go. However, on reaching a total of ten hours, you do exchange your silver piggybank for a gold piggybank:

Will the gold pig help me get fit? Doubtful.

Day 3 Results
Weight: 14st 7lbs
Body Mass Index: 26.91
Wii Fit Age: 34

Day 4 Results
Weight: 14st 4
Body Mass Index: 26.50
Wii (impressively)Fit Age: 28

Whilst day three results saw a strange step in the wrong direction, they now seem to be going in the right direction again.

April 26, 2008

Wii Fit Diary – Day 2

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Unsurprisingly my weight and BMI have not moved much from yesterday (and any change can be put down to a difference in the weight of my clothes), however, my Wii Fit age has fallen astronomically:
Weight: 14st 4lbs
Body Mass Index: 26.50
Wii (not-too-un)Fit Age: 31
Does the sudden improvement reflect an overnight improvement in my fitness, or does it reflect the meaningless of the Wii Fit age? In partial defence of the Wii Fit age, the test was based on balance, and even if my balance hasn’t improved much, I have probably improved at the balance games after spending most of yesterday playing them.

New sections of the game open up according to how long you have spent playing on the Wii Fit, and after accruing the maximum 3hrs yesterday (which actually takes nearer to 4 or 5 hours) all the nine balance games have now opened up.

HeadingSki SlalomSki JumpTable TiltTightrope TensionBalance BubblePenguin SlideSnowboard SlalomZazen
My personal favourites are Heading, and Ski Jump. The worst, without a doubt, is Zazen: you sit on the Wii Board and mustn’t move whilst you watch a candle with a butterfly flying around it! Very disappointing to have Zazen open up after reaching the 3hr quota.

Today I will be trying to include more of the muscle workouts, unfortunately they are not as much fun.

April 25, 2008

Wii Fit Diary – Day 1

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At 12.45 Wii Fit arrived from Argos:

I decided against including either film or photos of me working out on the Wii Fit, so if somehow you don’t know what one is, here is the trailer:

The game consists of ‘over 40′ activities, falling within four categories: balance games, aerobic exercise, yoga, and muscle workouts. As is so often the case with games these days, some of the sections only open up after you have spent a certain amount of time on the Wii. So, first impressions: great fun, although I have chosen to spend most of my time on the balance games, so whether the Wii Fit will manage to actually get me fit, only time can tell. The feature that is likely to keep you coming back (as opposed to the DVD that you leave on the shelf), is that it keeps a track of your weight and ‘Wii Fit Age’ over time. My starting stats:
Weight: 14st 5lbs
Body Mass Index: 26.68 (i.e., overweight)
Wii (un)Fit Age: 42
The Wii and I have had a discussion, and agreed that I need to lose one stone.

April 23, 2008

Wii Fit: Argos Changes the Rules

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I have always had misgivings about ordering my Wii Fit from Argos. Whilst all the indicators seem to suggest that I will be getting a Wii Fit on Friday, they have changed the delivery time from between 12pm-6pm to between 8am and 6pm…at least according to the letters and phone calls that I keep getting!

OK, it is only the one phone call, and the one letter, but nonetheless very unexpected when ordering goods online. Is this over-the-top ‘customer service’ a reflection of their not knowing how to behave in an online environment, or is it because they have changed the delivery times? If it’s because of the delivery times then they could at least include an apology.

…on the subject to the Wii, Asda had Sega Superstars Tennis and Sonic and the Secret Rings for £15 each today…a reminder that it’s not always cheaper online.

April 18, 2008

I buy my electronics from…Argos?

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Despite having had my eye on the Wii Fit since December, having spotted the UK release date in February, and being aware of shops selling out over a week ago, I have only just placed my order for the Wii fit. All the usual suspects had sold out, so I had to place my order with Argos:

“Argos will only take pre-orders against a pre-agreed launch allocation from the supplier. Argos will not start taking pre-orders until this allocation is known. Argos will stop taking pre-orders when this allocation has been sold. Argos will never knowingly oversell the Wii Fit. Argos will endeavour to deliver on the launch date, however should the supplier fail to deliver on time or part deliver on launch date, Argos will deliver to customers in strict chronological order, which may be after the launch date.”

Whilst there is no reason why I should expect Argos to be less reliable than any of the other online sellers, I don’t feel particularly confident. If it was an electric blanket I would be extremely confident, however you just get the feeling that an outlet better known for toasters and kettles will be one of the first to get it’s order shortened.

12pm-6pm Friday 25th April 2008 looks like it will be a stressful few hours.

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