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April 18, 2008

Alexa changed its ranking system: I’m a winner!

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Alexa is an often criticised ranking of web sites, with the criticism largely based on the use of the Alexa toolbar as a source of data. The use of the toolbar data skewed the ranking in favour of those sites visited by internet marketers and search engine optimisers, those who installed the toolbar, rather than the average user. Alexa’s big news, which everyone reported yesterday (e.g., Mashable, TechCrunch), is that they are now using additional data sources, although what they are is not very clear in their announcement.

Obviously with any change in the ranking system there will be winners and losers, and those who win are less likely to complain than those who lose. Personally I think the new Alexa rankings are a HUGE step forward. This conclusion is based solely on the increase in my own personal ranking. Back in January I noted that the Alexa ranking for Webometric Thoughts was 3,816,072. Today my Alexa ranking is 1,607,649 (1,389,032 for the 1 week average). Breaking into the top one million suddenly seems much easier.

April 4, 2008

Google Analytics Now Allows Aggregation of Visitors by Week and Month

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There can be huge variations in the number of visitors you receive from one day to another, thus making it difficult to determine whether the overall trend is up or down. Google’s latest beta feature is likely to be broadly welcomed as it allows the aggregation of the number of visitors that have been received over a week, or even a month.

The difference can be clearly seen in the two graphs below, covering the period from 1st Nov. 2007 to 31st March 2008 for my own blog.webometrics.org.uk. Whilst an increase in visitors is discernible in the first graph (the traditional daily aggregation):

The noise makes it difficult to determine exactly how much of an increase in traffic there has been, this is clearly discernible with a monthly aggregation:

December 13, 2007

Record numbers visit Webometric Thoughts!

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Whilst it wouldn’t be much of a record in comparison to Google, MSN, or even the local corner shop’s web site, Webometric Thoughts finally got the 30 unique visitors in a day that have eluded it for so long. In fact it got 31 on Tuesday, and then 40 yesterday.

If the number of visitors continues grow at 29% each day, in forty days (and forty nights) I will get a million visitors in a day for the first time. Although I may wait before I upgrade my server data package.

December 11, 2007

One Hundred Webometric Thoughts!

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As the title of this blog would seem to suggest, this is actually the 100th blog posting on my ‘Webometric Thoughts’ blog since I posted my first entry a little less than 4 months ago. It therefore seems an appropriate time to reflect on both the blog, its posts, and the visitors.

When I started the blog I stated in my profile, as is still stated in my profile:

I am hoping that the blogosphere will offer an opportunity for feedback as well as the sounding-off of my personal opinions.

Unfortunately I seem to have failed to successfully take advantage of the potential of the blogosphere; useful feedback requires well thought-out opinion pieces rather than off-the-cuff thoughts on the latest sites I have come across. Nonetheless I have found the blog a useful place for sounding out my thoughts on different topics, it forces me to keep up to date with the ever-increasing number of blogs I follow, and acts as a useful aide-mémoire for some of the hundreds of sites and discussions that I come across in the average week.

Looking back at some of the posts and the aspect that immediately hits me is the wide variety of topics that I have posted on; a factor that would be likely to restrict my from getting much of a following, even if it was better written. However the eclectic blog follows my own eclectic thoughts and interests, and as I am the only person guaranteed to read every posting it will continue as such. My only disappointment is that I do not have the time to blog on every subject or news story that catches my eye, if the blog changes in the future I hope it will be by trying to include an increasing number of short entries.

Whilst my blog has very few regular readers, it is amazing how many people turn up if you put something on the web. According to Google Analytics, since I installed the necessary tracking code within my blog (9/10/07) I have had 835 absolute unique visitors, from 56 different countries/territories, from the US and Russia to Oman and Nigeria. Whilst for a long time the most noticable abscence was the French, I was finally honoured with a visit from one of them just last weekend! Whilst the numbers aren’t particularly high, and the most unique visitors in one day is a mere 29, they do seem to be slowly creeping up. In fact, by the looks of today’s numbers, I am on course to finally break the 30 unique visitors barrier.

Whilst blogging isn’t necessarily what I expected, I have nonetheless enjoyed it and would recommended it to anyone who’s thinking about it. Just don’t have too high expectations.

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