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January 6, 2009

Gaza 2.0: If 100,000 people join I will rename all disputed territories Spiderman

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As the war in Gaza continues there is a lot of comment in the blogosphere about how the different sides are fighting to get support for their opinions on the web, the so-called war 2.0. Twitterings are flying, pictures are being uploaded to Flickr, videos are uploaded to YouTube, and of course Facebook has the necessary groups of support for both sides:

Whilst on the one hand these new technologies give a voice to views and opinions that may not otherwise be heard (supposedly a good thing…although not always), in many ways it can turn a very bloody event into a spectator sport: you get to wear the colours of your ‘team’, shout abuse at opposing fans, even use your support as a means for self-promotion (e.g., ‘love your group about lots of people dying…come and join my group about lots of people dying’), and finally judge your position on the league table of Facebook group numbers. All from the comfort of your own home.

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