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May 13, 2008

Who needs more than 5,000 Facebook Friends?

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You have to wonder what sort of person needs more than the 5,000 friends that Facebook currently allows, but, nonetheless, they are going to list the restriction. Is this the occasion when I should let my hair down and start friending everyone? Or should I stick to my current strict friend policy that saw me de-friend my own brother due to his appalling (and vocal) taste in music?

They are very strange creatures who follow and friend everything that moves, and you have to wonder what filled their lives before the internet.

September 19, 2007

fbFund as ‘Programming Collective Intelligence’ arrives…

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..surely it can only be a matter if moments (possibly days) until the millions start rolling in!

The only topic of conversation that seems to be successfully competing with the iPhone’s European launch on the web and in the blogosphere is the launch of the Facebook Fund. The grants of between $25,000 and $250,000 which ask nothing in return except the right to fund the companies first, are obviously going to create a lot of interest especially amongst college students and recent graduates who may be looking to launch something new and exciting as the web 2.0 bubble gains pace.

There seems little downside to the fund (except for the weakness of the dollar for non-US citizens) and I would expect other networking sites to offer similar inducements if they are going to keep pace with Facebook’s innovation levels. That is, after they have opened up their platforms.

That the news has broken at the same time as a new programming book finally arrived from Amazon surely can’t be a coincidence…maybe the Facebook Fund will be the kick I need to actually read one of these programming books I keep getting.

Alternatively my time may be better spent tidying my desk.

September 15, 2007

Where’s George Bailey when you need him?

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The UK is not the sort of place where there should be a run on a bank, it has one of the best regulated financial systems in the world, and supposedly a fairly educated population. Nonetheless a combination of stupidity and selfishness has managed to evetually force some branches of Northern Rock to close their doors. Unfortunately all those that have joined in getting this bank run going will be too stupid to realise that if there are any significant consequences it will have been their fault, and they will probably just stand around telling people that they were right to get their money out when they did.

From a technology point of view, this bank run has shown the importance of the web site for an organisation’s dissemination of information in times of crisis. Unfortunately for Northern Rock there were reports on the BBC yesterday that customers couldn’t access the web site. All of these customers that couldn’t find out what was happening online will then overwhelm the telephone switchboards and, failing to get through, will then appear at the bank demanding their money. It is imperative that all companies have adequate procedures in place for dealing with swell of interest that will accompany any disaster: mirror sites and bare-bones versions; have them sorted before the crisis.

Northern Rock customers…shame on you.

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