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December 16, 2008

Twingly v. Technorati

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At some point, lost in the mists of time and place that is the web, I signed up to Twingly (yet another blog search engine). I just returned to the site for the first time since signing up, as they sent me an email highlighting their new ‘blogrank’ and ‘top 100′. Whilst their blogrank isn’t worth mentioning (primarily because mine is a pathetic ‘you get 1 for turning up’), it is always interesting to see lists of the ‘top bloggers’, especially when there are such differences between the lists.

The most noticeable difference is the lack of a ‘Huffington Post’ on the Twingly list; in fact it’s not even in the top 100! Seemingly Twingly still have some work to do regarding their crawling and identifying spam. One feature that is nice about Twingly is the top 100 for different languages; whilst the top-100 English language blogs is seemingly out of my reach, breaking into the top-100 Greek language blogs seems a distinct possibility. αύριο θα μάθω τα ελληνικά

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