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March 18, 2010

Welcome StumbleUpon – and other members of my recent spike

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Unsurprisingly, my Webometric Thoughts aren’t massively popular. There are few people who start the day checking the BBC, the Guardian, and then Webometric Thoughts. However, over the last few days my traffic has gone through the relative roof, from a steady 100 unique visitors a day, on Tuesday it leaped to 602!

Way beyond the previous high of 262. The reason: For a brief moment I was the TechCrunch pin-up boy, thanks to my (now-very-old) QR code T-shirt – nb. it goes without saying that this rather large company that clears $200,000 a month (according to Wikipedia) didn’t bother asking my penniless permission.

What’s particularly interesting is that hardly any of the traffic has come directly from TechCrunch, in fact only 112 of the visits over the last three days. Instead the traffic has been mostly a massive surge of visits to my home page from StumbleUpon. I’m not sure why, but nonetheless – Hello Stumbleupon Users *waves*

December 10, 2007

TechCrunch v. Lessing: I’m with Lessing

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According to Technorati, TechCrunch is the 3rd ranked blog on the web, but if all its posts meet the standards of its recent attack on the Nobel prize winning Doris Lessing, then it will quickly be falling down the ranking. This is not a quality piece of citizen journalism, a good reflection the democratisation of communication, it is dishonest technological-jingoism relying on quotes taken out of context and pointless insults.

Whilst the post at least has the decency to reference Lessing’s speech in its entirety, how many visitors to the TechCrunch post will bother reading the original text?

Rather than asking us to do away with computers and the internet or claiming they make us ignorant, in fact she describes them as ‘amazing’, she is merely asking us to think more about the effects of a fragmenting culture and increased specialisation. The ‘ditherings of an ignorant old woman’ as TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley would have us believe, or just crap journalism?

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