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January 8, 2009

Netbooks: The next big thing?

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Over the last few days there have been many stories in the newspapers about how netbooks are the next big thing (e.g., The Times, The Daily Telegraph). It’s a bit of a bizarre story as netbooks have been a big thing for over a year! The reason they have been gaining increased interest is that M&S and Next (primarily clothing stores) are going to be carrying an Elonex netbook from next month, and the need to diversify and the shrinking of laptops reflects the recession stories they like to peddle. I’m not sure which Elonex model is going on sale for £99, but a £99 model is by no means a recent offering, even if the outlets are.

On a personal note, netbooks are on the up in my house today. After over a month without my Eee PC, due to problems with the plug, my new plug arrived. Admittedly as it is a black plug for a white Eee PC it risks being mocked by the other laptops, but I couldn’t care less. I didn’t realise how much the netbook had become part of my life until I could no longer access it.

If you haven’t bought a netbook yet, you really should. Whilst the Elonex may not be the best choice for you, there are numerous different sizes and specs now available depending on your budget.

[Update 9.30pm]
Well it was charging, but it has since stopped charging again; it seems as though I will have to go to the screw-drivers. Whilst I was feeling disheartened, I have cheered up since having a look at the Eee PC’s T91. Asus keep rolling out kit I want (see also Asus’ Eee Keyboard).

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