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February 4, 2009

Twitter API Updates: But I still don’t like them

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Just hours after I wrote a post complaining about the limitations of the Twitter API for researchers, Twitter released two new API features that specifically deal with the data I was collecting!…Coincidence?

Twitter have now released two Social Graph Methods (via Scripting News) that enable you to call a list of a user’s friends and followers. Whilst this is far quicker than checking the links between each pair of users, it unfortunately means I will have to write my program again from scratch.

Whilst I welcome the new methods it is still not addressing the fact that Twitter gives preferential treatment to commercial applications whilst lumping researchers together with hobbyists.

Nb. Obviously it is a coincidence, but my site did gain a bit of a stalker yesterday…

February 3, 2008

Google’s Social Graph API

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The blogosphere never sleeps, and the big story always appears just after you log-off. One such story was the launch of Google’s Social Graph API, which all the big names blogged about shortly after I last checked my newsgator feeds on Friday (GigaOM, ReadWriteWeb, TechCrunch).

As a researcher who studies so-called web 2.0 technologies I am very excited, although as web users it may be time to be mildly concerned (if you weren’t already).

Whilst Google will only be drawing together publicly available information, to a certain extent such information has previously been private due to the difficulty in collecting it. If an academic wanted to create something similar, I can imagine them having a lot of problems getting it past an ethics committee.

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