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January 29, 2008

Poking about on Twitter: As is Scoble

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Whilst Twitter (et al.) has its place, I have yet to see a role for it in my life. However, as a researcher into all things Web 2.0 I decided to dig a little deeper, move beyond the signing on process, and have a look at what everyone else is talking about. Unsurprisingly, with my particular research interests, I added the likes of Scoble and Winer (manly due to the promise of anti-hilary rants). Approximate time it took Scoble to start following my feed: 1 min. Surely he either has the process automated, or the man is a machince.

How can you meaningfully follow 6,971 Twitter-ers? And would it actually be useful? Or is it all for show and he has a secret account with those he really follows?

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