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June 3, 2008

Eee PC 900 or Eee PC 901?

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Whilst I had no problem ordering my Eee PC all those months ago, my girlfriend’s ordering of one of the newer versions has been nothing but trouble. The trouble has been a combination of my girlfriend’s indecisiveness, ASUS’s quickly rolling out of newer models, and RM’s appalling stock control.

When I want something, and if I can afford it, I tend to order it. If my girlfriend wants something, and if she can afford it, she ums-and-ahhs about it until she drives me mad and I am forced to threaten her with being pushed off a cliff. Although she has always liked my Eee PC, she was always concerned about the screen being a little bit too small, and that it ran Linux. The Eee PC 900 with Windows XP seemed the perfect solution. So, back in April, I told her when it was launching (May 12th) and she agreed that she would get one. However she didn’t get around to ordering one until last Wednesday (May 28th), at which point stock was beginning to be a problem.

Although there was already news in mid May of the imminent launch of ASUS Eee PC 901′s (with a better chip), it was still worth getting the 900. Even towards the end of May it was worth getting the 900. But when RM.com informed my girlfriend (a day before delivery was to expected) that the Eee PC 900 wouldn’t be arriving until 13th June, I am no longer sure what she should order. The spec of the Eee PC 901 is much better, but the price and a UK launch date are not yet known.

For now the Eee PC 900 order has been cancelled, and RM has a big black mark against their name for future orders. The only good thing is that my girlfriend has realised that it is best to order things when I first suggest it, rather than when she manages to get around to it.

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