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September 22, 2008

Read v. Write Web

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It is rather depressing to find that people are more interested in what I read on the web than what I write on the web. Just 25 days ago I started a customizable Reddit to highlight links I find of interest. Today more people are subscribed to my Webometrics Reddit than are subscribed to my blog!

It would be interesting to know whether there is a large cross-over between the groups. Are there people subscribed to the Webometrics Reddit who have never even heard of Webometric Thoughts? And how many of the Webometric Thoughts subscribers ever bother to leave their RSS-feed reader and actually look at the changing Webometrics Reddit in the sidebar?

All that I can be sure of is:
1) Taking the time to highlight links has had no effect on the traffic to my blog.
2) No-one else from the webometrics community has bothered to highlight anything! Shame on them.

August 28, 2008

Blogroll is dead; long live customizable Reddit

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Back in November I complained about the static nature of most blogrolls. I then changed my own blogroll, and to my knowledge never changed it again (despite the best of intentions). As such the Read Write Web’s post on the customizable nature of Reddit has spurred me into action, and I have now created a Webometrics Reddit for those stories/pages I find interesting.

Whilst I have called it ‘Webometrics’, in the same way that my blog covers whatever I fancy writing about on a particular day, it will highlight anything I find of interest, with the ‘hottest’ five stories shown in the sidebar of my blog. The reddit has been left open, so if you want to submit a link feel free…in fact I would encourage it.

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