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March 13, 2009

Sounds, Images and Consciousness: Using Detectable Brain Responses in Audiovisual Composition

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Free Public Lecture, Tuesday 31 March, 6pm, University of Wolverhampton (Room MC 001).

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Dr. Mick Grierson is an experimental artist specialising in real‐time interactive audiovisual research, with a specific focus on cognition and perception. He works in film, music, and software development, both inside and outside industry, designing, developing and producing new approaches to creating audiovisual experience.

In addition to working in traditional roles in film and television, he has designed commercial audiovisual software for the entertainment industries, which has led to several high profile commissions, including title design and digital audiovisual installations for the hit T.V. show Derren Brown: Tricks of the Mind.

In 2008 he collaborated with the Sonic Arts Network and the South Bank Centre to create a freely available interactive audiovisual interface for use by the deaf and hard of hearing, and received considerable international press attention after
demonstrating his Brain Computer Interface for Music to the BBC.

In addition, he is lead developer on the Mabuse Real‐time Audiovisual Composition Software Environment. He is currently Co‐Director of the Goldsmiths College Creative Computing Programme, and an AHRC fellow in audiovisual cognition at Goldsmiths College Electronic Music Studios.

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