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March 3, 2009

PockeTwit: If you love Twitter Buy a Windows Mobile!

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Over the past few weeks I’ve downloaded numerous different Xda Serra (HTC Touch Pro/MDA Vario IV) applications, but today I found the first one that really surprised me: PockeTwit.

The name is fairly self-explanatory: A Twitter application for a Pocket PC.

Whilst I generally find mobile applications to be poor imitations of desktop application, PocketTwit actually surpasses the Twitter.com web site! Unfortunately, to really get a feel for the application you need to see it in action, and I couldn’t find a free screencaster for my phone. Nonetheless here are a couple of stills.

The Updates:

Select a comment and drag to the left and you can reply, quote, etc.:

Drag to the right and you can send messages (including pictures and your GPS position), find other Twitterers on a map, search geographically as well as on keywords:

It’s hard to express how impressed I am by this Twitter app, but when I have calmed down I will head over to PockeTwit and make a donation…a first in all my time online (nb.I would donate too much in my current frame of mind).

If you have a Windows Mobile phone, give it a try. If you are a Twitter-addict and thinking about getting a new phone, get a Windows Mobile phone.

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