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August 30, 2008

Remembering the Olympics: BBC thrashed NBC!

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Whilst the Olympics seems AGES ago now, I’ve only just come across some of streaming figures for the BBC and NBC:
NBC – 75.5 million streams
BBC – 40 million streams
Obviously comparisons are never simple, with different time zones likely to effect the choice of the Internet over the TV, but as the USA has five times the population of the UK 75.5 million streams doesn’t look very impressive.

It seems likely that London 2012 will make these figures seem ridiculously small. Hopefully the BBC will be offering more than just the 6 streams (it’s amazing that there was still so much that I wanted to see and couldn’t), and live mobile streams will be readily available.

UPDATE (11/09/08): Whilst I thought the BBC’s 40 million streams thrashed NBC, as the BBC is actually claiming 50 million streams, I guess the BBC thrashed NBC then delicately placed a cherry on top.

August 12, 2008

London 2012 v. Olympics 2012

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Another story from Hitwise that got me thinking was their post on search terms to do with the Olympics. However, being British, I am more interested in how the Beijing Olympics are effecting interest in the London Olympics (i.e., the important Olympics). Therefore I had a look at what Google’s Insights for Search could show (nb. Google’s Insights for Search does not contravene my current Google Search cold turkey).

red line – olympics 2012
blue line – london 2012

Whilst there has been an understandable rise in interest in the 2012 Olympics, it would seem as though the world isn’t associating it with London as much. Whilst ‘london’ was popular when the city was first awarded the Olympics (‘F’ on the graph), and when they launched their unpopular logo (‘C’ on the graph), it has seemingly failed in catching the current wave of Olympic fever. In 2008, only the UK and Ireland are searching for ‘london 2012′ more than ‘olympics 2012′. Time for a brand push Mr Coe?

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