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March 19, 2009

Google Street View: Norwich

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Whilst Google Street View has been around for a while, today it launched for 25 cities in the UK. I haven’t previously been much concerned with Google Street View; clever, interesting, but not really applicable to my life. However, one of the 25 uk cities included today is Norwich, the city I grew up in but left many years ago.

‘Memory lane’ doesn’t really do justice to the scope of nostaligia that can be evoked by Google Street View…before today the world would have missed out on a history of places I worked in my youth!

My first job was as a paperboy:

There used to be a newspaper kiosk that I worked in here:

I had a job in a butchers…but it’s now a construction firm:

I worked in the Red Lion kitchen:

…but Google Street View has its limitations; it doesn’t go down an alleyway to show me what used to be the Lamb:

Obviously the world wasn’t missing much. Increasing amounts of information is not necessarily a good thing, it depends how you use it.

September 19, 2007

And who should turn up but Stephen Fry…

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One of the many RSS feeds I subscribe to is that of ‘O’Reilly Radar’; the ramblings of Tim O’Reilly and some of his cronies. Whilst the thoughts are often thoughtful and interesting, the last thing you expect to find being blogged about is Stephen Fry. Stephen Fry belongs to the world of Sunday night television and documentaries on the legendary Delia Smith, not appearing in international technological blogs!

It seems, however, that beneath the intellectual exterior, he is fundamentally a geek.

His first blog entry is an EXTREMELY long piece about his personal history with smart phones…which has been going on for many years.

Whilst Fry is known to be a big fan of Norfolk, he could have taken the opportunity to sing the praises of Norwich having free wi-fi in the city centre (is it still going strong??), after all surely that is best place to have the new iPhone with its lack of 3G.

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