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April 18, 2008

News Aggregators: Live Search News Joins In

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Hitwise have posted on the increase in visits to the top news aggregators, just days after the revamp of Microsoft’s Live Search News. Whilst I don’t agree with the article’s description of web 3.0 (or any other web 3.0, web 4.0 or web 5.0 bandwagon), there seems little doubt news aggregators are changing the way we access the news. If anything I am surprised that there were only 8 news aggregators amongst the top 100 news and media sites.

My immediate reaction to Microsoft’s entrance was one of joy, pleased with any service that nibbles away at Google’s online dominance, but when seen as part of the increase in news aggregation, you have to worry about effect it will have on the news creators who are already trying to cut corners. The question is whether new news models can emerge before the old one stops working.

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