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January 14, 2008

Legal Film Downloads

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Whilst the film download options for Americans seem to be constantly improving, the UK is miles behind. It feels as though I spent the whole of the weekend searching for a decent legal web site, all to no avail. You either have to buy the download-to-keep (which is usually more than it would cost for the DVD), or you have an EXTREMELY limited range of films available.

Yes the UK’s online TV is great, I love the iPlayer, 4OD, and streaming episodes of metal mickey on ITV, but where is the UK’s Amazon unboxed equivalent?

This is all made much worse by the fact that during my search I was constantly coming across sites where I could get illegal copies for free. If film companies don’t want people pirating copies of films, they need to make official copies available ASAP at a reasonable price.

If anyone does know of a good legal UK site I would be pleased to hear about it.

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