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January 2, 2009

Why don’t lottery tickets have QR Codes?

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Whilst contemplating the current lack of a mass appeal QR code application in my previous post, it occurred to me that they would be brilliant on lottery tickets. It would be extremely simple for a QR code to be generated for each ticket which includes a hyperlink to a dynamically generated web page saying whether or not it is a winning ticket:

Not only would this be much faster for the players than checking half a dozen lucky dips manually, but it would also drive tens of thousands of customers to the national lottery web site; where players could then be enticed to play other national lottery mobile games!

I’m not sure how extra revenue such a scheme would make for national lottery good causes, but I think I could at least expect a gallery in the British Museum named after me :-)

nb. The idea has already generated an extra £2 as I went out and bought the above ticket specifically for this blog post.

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