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September 14, 2007

No mobiles for those under 16…Hooray!

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Unfortunately the banning of mobiles for the under sixteens is only in the state of Karnataka in India, but I can only hope that it turns out to be a great success and countries around the world adopt the idea. Whilst the ban is ostensibly due to the advice of medical experts, I’m sure it has more to do with some official having to sit next to a child playing an awful song outloud on their mobile once too often.

Although a couple of months ago I would have had no qualms about having to give up my mobile (although it would be a strange world where anyone thought I was under 16), I must admit that I would find it difficult since upgrading to the N95. I like to be able to watch television, listen to the radio, surf the web, and find where I am with the GPS (ok this bit is not strictly necessary during a stroll around the block),and sometimes even make a phone call. However any sympathy I may have for those about to lose their phones soon evaporates when I venture outside, where I find myself: forced to listen to someone else’s music as they consider it a violation of their personal freedom to use headphones; photographed everywhere I go as people capture every moment (however dull) for posterity; more likely to be run over due to car drivers recklessly texting/calling as they speed down the road.

Admittedly the anti-social use of the mobile phone is not only due to the under 16s, but it would be so much harder to pass a law that banned mobiles for everyone except me…and I’m not sure if I could really afford to pay for the whole network on my own.

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