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January 9, 2008

The Problem with MessageDance

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I have previously mentioned MessageDance, a service which allows you to embed a widget on your blog or web site which visitors can post messages to via email, but didn’t have access at the time. Whilst I finally got my invite to the service last week, I have not had the opportunity to blog about it until now (have I mentioned the fact every waking moment has been spent on an appallingly written PhD?).

Whilst I still like the idea of MessageDance, I think it requires too much work on the part of a message poster to be worthwhile embedding. If someone attempts to email a message to a MessageDance account, they receive the following message by return post.

The MessageDance user you are sending a message to (webometrics) does not have you in their accepted friends list. In order for you to send them messages, you need to be a registered user of MessageDance and webometrics has to agree to accept your messages.

On my blog I want people to be able to email me comments without having to join a service they may have no interest in using again. Yes, this opens the service up to spam, but I should have the option of taking that chance, and vetting the comments before they are posted if I choose. Good services grow because of the quality of the product rather than forcing customers to join.

If MessageDance changed this aspect, I would happily embed the widget at the earliest opportunity.

December 11, 2007

Message Dance could be on message…unfortunately its in private beta

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Being a disillusioned ex-Facebooker is not the same as being a disillusioned ex-social networker; the web has great potential, I just find Facebook has become meaningless. Personally I would like to see the social networking future to be based on individuals having their own web space where they can then embed various different widgets. As such I was intrigued by Mashable’s post on MessageDance, which enables people to post messages (via email) to a mini wall-like embedded widget which can be placed on a blog.

Whilst I was sold on the idea, and wanted to try one on this blog, Mashable had failed to point out that the service is currently in private beta….so if anyone at MessageDance does come across this, an invite would be much appreciated!

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