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June 18, 2008

UK to Map Crime

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Good old Gordon has announced that online maps with crimes plotted on them every month are set to be introduced in England and Wales. Whilst it will help to counter the right-wing-press’s claim that we are all about to be stabbed by hoodies the moment we step out the door, it needs to be done properly. We want access to the data, not just ‘online maps’.

A report last year called for the government to open up public data for the brave new web 2.0 world, whereas online maps sounds extremely web 1.0. Giving us the data gives us the opportunity to put together the maps people will want to see:
-house prices and burglary
-bars and assaults
-public art and graffiti (well I would be interested…)
I don’t want access to a criminal’s or victim’s personal details, or end up with some Megan’s law mashup, but I do want more than ‘online maps’.

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