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April 22, 2009

Boyle v. Obama: Combining mainstream media with social media

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Obama may be the most powerful man in the world, but in the most-talked-about stakes he is currently way behind Susan Boyle on Google’s Insights for Search (red line = “Obama”; blue line = “Boyle”):

It’s not just the UK that is talking about her, worryingly it’s great swathes of the world!

Basically, there’s a woman who isn’t much to look at who can sing. That’s it. Nothing more to see. Move along.

However, somewhere between mainstream media and social media the masses have been whipped into a frenzy. Millions are seemingly trying to show how un-shallow they are by loving Susan Boyle…because of her un-looks.

The coupling of mainstream media with social media is amazing; neither would have spread the message as far or fast on their own. Now we just need to find a way of harnessing that potential, to share information that is a bit more important than unattractive women can sing.

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