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June 19, 2008

Eee 901: Has the UK launch been delayed?

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Supposedly the UK launch date for the Eee PC 901 was July 1st, but with less than two weeks to go and no sign of it being available for pre-order I am beginning to wonder.

This morning I made a point of looking on the sites of all the Eee PC UK suppliers ASUS mentions on their web site (http://www.asus-uk.com/eeepc/about/), but not one of them has the Eee PC 901 listed yet. I even looked on RM.com, where I got my original Eee PC. Nothing.

In comparison the slightly delayed MSI Wind is sitting there waiting to be ordered, and will be delivered on June 30th.

If I manage to get an Eee PC 901 delivered on the 1st July I will be very surprised.

Updated: 25/06/08 Finally spotted for sale.

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