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December 4, 2007

Nokia’s Music Explosion

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Over the last couple of day’s Nokia have gone a bit music mad. Yesterday saw the release of Nokia’s Internet Radio application, whilst today sees news of a “comes with music” program that enables people to buy a Nokia device with a year of unlimited access to millions of tracks (currently Universal music group but talks ongoing with other labels). Whilst the iPhone has been grabbing the headlines as (supposedly) THE multimedia device of the year, these moves make it clear that Nokia isn’t going down without a fight.

Whilst I am personally thrilled by the simplicity in now getting internet radio on the move (and very grateful for getting an unlimited data package), and wouldn’t be adverse to the prospect of unlimited access to songs of my choice, I must admit to being slightly apprehensive about the increased use in public places by those with little thought to others. Already the public arena seems to be filled with people playing their music for everyone to hear, and if people have more they can listen to, it seems logical that they will play more.

What I would really like to see rolled out with these music packages is the rolling out of a campaign to get people to be more thoughtful of others when playing their music/mobile tvs.

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