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May 8, 2008

Borders to stock e-book reader

Filed under: ebooks,iLiad — admin @ 7:57 pm

Borders are claiming to be the first UK retailer to sell an e-book reader this weekend. They have decided to stock the iLiad (presumably the new one rather than the original), at a cost of £399. But who will buy one from a bookshop?

I think Borders have probably moved a bit too soon on this one, the general public just aren’t ready for ebooks yet, and those geeks who do want one will either buy an iLiad online or, more likely, wait for a Kindle. Personally I am not a fan of e-books, and definitely not a fan off a £399 initial outlay however many public domain works they bundle with it (currently 50). Thinking about it, however, I don’t know if there is a price that would make me interested. The traditional book is just too damned nice.

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