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January 4, 2009

Identity 2.0 …and how I found it

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Whilst I spend more time on the web than the average UK housewife, I spend the vast majority of my time looking at the same sites again and again. In an effort to cast my net a little wider, yesterday I started typing ‘web 2.0′ into Google Blog Search, sorting the results by date, and reading the most recent postings on the subject. What’s great about the term ‘web 2.0′ is that it is popular enough to produce regular results from numerous different fields, but specific enough to be interesting; the term ‘webometrics’ makes for a very quiet evening in in comparison.

Anyway, on my ‘web 2.0′ travels this morning I came across a quite interesting video on the topic of Identity 2.0, an interesting subject that I must admit to not giving enough thought to. It’s only 15 minutes long, and well presented, so you really have no excuses for not watching it.

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