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October 2, 2008

Five searches that were better in 2001

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Whilst Google is constantly tweaking its search algorithm, it is clear that the 2001 results were better. The top 2001 results for a number of queries:

1. David Cameron – An assistant professor of physiology.
2. Wayne Rooney – A private investigator.
3. James Blunt – A general in the American civil war.
4. Kindle – A provider of banking systems.
5. Sarah Palin – Someone’s dead ancester.

We can only hope that in the future we will find a return to the 2001 results, especially as far as searches 1 and 5 are concerned.

Google 2001 v. Google 2008

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In honour of their 10th birthday Google brought back their oldest available index a couple of days ago: Google 2001. This provides a great opportunity for looking at how the web has changed, especially the growth of certain terms in comparison to others.

As a webometrician, the obvious choice is to see how ‘webometrics’ has grown. However with changes in the index size the results are only meaningful in comparison to another result. In this case I have decided on ‘Mike Thelwall’, the hyper-productive author of over 100 papers in the field, who, luckily, also has an unusual name.

Whilst there were a similar number of documents at the start, and both have grown at an extremely fast rate, webometrics has grown at the faster rate. Scientific proof that there is more to webometrics than Mike Thelwall!

It would be nice if Google opened up some other indexes so that more points to the graph could be added.

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