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December 12, 2007

BBC iPlayer Flash streams: Linux friendly

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The Beeb have been promising flash streams for a while, and when I went to download some programmes on the iPlayer tonight, I found it had already rolled out. This should go some way to placating the linux hoardes who have been complaining. As the picture below shows it now works on firefox/linux, even on the much maligned Eee PC/RM Minibook (the rather poor quality is because I sent the picture to myself via MMS rather than messing about with a wire or bluetooth).

(nb. its Peggy and Phil in the Queen Vic kitchen).

October 20, 2007

BBC Flash Player Starts to Roll-out

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Less than a week ago the BBC announced that it had come to an agreement with Adobe allowing it to stream programmes with Flash. Whilst there are no exact dates as yet, the BBC doesn’t seem to be messing around. They announced in their Archive Newsletter last night:

We’re also launching a new media player that uses Flash instead of RealPlayer or Windows Media. We have to stress that as this is more to help us with technical aspects of the trial, it won’t be released to everyone, sadly. We’ll be e-mailing a selection of triallists soon with more information. We’re sorry, but we won’t be able to extend this group of triallists, but we thought you’d like to know that it exists, even if we can’t give everyone access to it.

At this rate the streaming should be completely rolled out by Christmas, and come Christmas Day the Queen’s speech will fit into my schedule…surely that must be treasonable!

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