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April 23, 2009

Porn, Beer, then back to Porn: Another Feedjit Story

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As I have mentioned before, I love the little stories that you can follow on Feedjit. At the end of a long day this little story caught my attention:

Someone in Canada arrives on my site looking for a ‘porn browser’, he (or she) gets sidetracked by a story about beer for a little while, but half an hour later their mind returns to porn. Presumably there is little else to do in Corner Brook.

February 21, 2009

It’s Paddington Bear not Paddington Bare!

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Looking at your Google analytics or Feedjit can occassionally provide insights into some very strange minds. Earlier today Google directed someone to my site looking for paddington bear porn:

Once I had gotten over the shock, and taken Paddington to see a local counsellor, I had one question that I knew Google Insights for Search could answer. Who is the fictional bear of choice in the world of porn?

Whilst neither paddington bear porn or rupert the bear porn have enough search volume to produce Google Insights for Search graphs, both winnie the pooh porn and care bear porn do (at this point my knowledge of fictional bears ran out).

Whilst Winnie the Pooh is, without a doubt, the bear of choice in the world of porn, it is pleasing to note that it is seemingly an industry on the decline.

February 8, 2009

The Pleasure of Feedjit: Moving beyond the hits

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One of the pleasures of Feedjit is you sometimes get to see patterns upfold that are missed in the vast quantities of data you collect with an analytics service such as Google Analytics. Today I spotted this one:

The above information shows me that not only did someone find my post about programming for Flickr in Python, but they found the page useful enough to visit each of the links I had placed. Not merely glancing at the linked-pages, but spending time reading, and probably acting, on them: It was 40 minutes between the visitor’s arrival and their final leaving.

Obviously it’s nice when a user finds plenty of interest on my site, but I am just as happy to know that I have pointed someone in the right direction.

January 15, 2009

Build Web Traffic as you Search!

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After forgetting all about server-side programming since first attempting it back in September, I decided to have another go, more specifically using Yahoo BOSS. Yahoo BOSS allows you to send unlimited queries to the Yahoo database; a great tool for a webometrician, if only I could program. Anyway, whilst knocking up a VERY basic search interface:

…it occurred to me that successfully building a search engine into your site is potentially a good way of building traffic. Every time I visit a site from my new search page it will register in the site analytics of the page that I visit that a link has been followed from my web site, a fact that will also be advertised on the increasing number of pages that include a Feedjit-like widget. If people are half as obsessed by their analytics as I am, it is sure to increase traffic.

nb. The ‘search engine’ is very much a work in progress…

January 4, 2009

Feedjit: Watching your visitors in real time

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If you ever scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog’s over-cluttered side bar you will see a new widget from today: Feedjit. Whilst I have long been addicted to my Google Analytics it has always annoyed me that I can’t see the visitors in real time. As such I decided to give Feedjit a try after seeing it on Goodbye Wren’s post about a 150% baby.

Now I can just set my Feedjit page as my homepage, sit back, and watch no one turn up with far less effort. In fact the whole world can watch no one turn up on my blog.

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