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May 16, 2009

My Eurovision 2009 Menu

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After a lot of deliberation, a little help from the wiki, and two hours searching the shelves of Waitrose (under the careful watch of the security guard who was convinced we were up to no good), we finally came up with this year’s menu.

Particularly impressed with finding a Moldovan red wine; Waitrose are severely lacking in East European wines!

The only difficulty now is making sure we get the moussaka out the oven at just the right moment!

May 14, 2009

Crowdsourcing my Eurovision Menu

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For last year’s Eurovision song contest I decided to create a list of food and drink, one for each country, to be eaten/drunk as the band played. It resulted in a strange mix of foods.

Some look ‘surprising’ in retrospect (walnuts for Georgia?), some were excessive (there is still vodka left), some were stretching a connection (Danish pastries!), and some were just bad (NEVER eat smoked-salmon after chocolate torte!).

It is actually very difficult to create such a list on your own, so this year I am attempting to ‘crowdsource’ my menu. Please head over to my Eurovision Menu Wiki Page and give me a hand by making a few suggestions.

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