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January 6, 2009

[Dial2Do]: This is just a…

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This is just a post to show the potential of the dial2do program.

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Above is an automatic post created through the free (it currently just costs the price of a telephone call) Dial2Do telephone service, through which you can send texts, listen to and send emails, record notes for yourself, even update your blog. I just came across the site today on Web 2.0 Guru’s site, and it is the first such service I have come across that was free…and hence the first one I have tried.

Whilst above is my first blog post using Dial2Do (which I hadn’t thought through before hand), I have also used the service for sending email and texts. The email got through my university’s spam system without any problems (a small miracle), and the texts were delivered fairly promptly.

In an effort to test the speed of sending a text via Dial2Do I timed how long it would take to send a typical text to my girlfriend (in this case “Can you please do the washing up”) first via Dial2Do, then via the more traditional SMS. For such a short message it took me the same length of time to send the message, approximately 35 seconds. However, whilst I sent the traditional SMS second, it actually arrived 2 minutes before the Dial2Do message. Such a delay may be considered neglible, and would soon disappear if you were sending either longer messages or one message after another.

If you want to know more about the sort of stuff you can do with Dial2Do, it is summarised quite neatly in a picture on the Dial2Do blog. It seems as though I have finally found a service to use up all the call time I get on my phone package!

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