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November 9, 2008

del.icio.us is 5: Web 2.0 is stale

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I hadn’t checked my RSS feeds for a couple of days before today, so I only just found out that del.icio.us (or delicious.com as it now styles itself) turned five a couple of days ago. Whilst delicious has been a stalwart member of the web 2.0 movement, you can’t help but feel that it, and many of the other web 2.0 properties are a little bit stale. It is time for web 3.0 to enter the arena.

Whilst there have been lots of opinions on what web 3.0 is, none of them have seemed particularly appropriate to me, seemingly having more to do with a person’s desire to define web 3.0 than using web 3.0 to describe a change on the web. For me web 3.0 will be the widespread adoption of a feature that makes the web exciting again.

There was a time, a few years ago, when I was searching for sites that were adopting web 2.0 technologies. When I am excited enough to start searching for sites that are using a new set of technologies, then I will know what web 3.0 is.

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