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February 13, 2009

@simonluckylloyd: Why Twitter needs a ‘Follow but Hate’ option

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I have long been saying (well I think I Twittered it a couple of days ago), that what Twitter really needs is an option to Follow someone, but at the same time highlight the fact that you dislike them. This was pushed home to me this morning when I discovered I was being followed by a complete idiot, @simonluckylloyd, whom I can only presume is following me as he thinks I am a fellow Conservative fan.

In politics it is necessary to listen to the opposition so you can point out that they are talking crap, the last thing you want is to have your listening to them seen as an endorsement. There are a host of reasons I don’t support the Conservatives, and @simonluckylloyd personifies many of them.

Conservatives love to knock modern Britain, after all, wasn’t it all better years ago:

Conservatives hate immigration despite the fact it has contributed to this country for thousands of years, and at the same time Conservatives demand the right to live where they want:

But mostly because Conservatives just aren’t nice people:

It is bad enough being thought of as a Conservative, but there are worse feeds I could be following: The Daily Mail, the British National Party (although I don’t think they have an account yet). Whilst I am interested in what they are saying, the cost of being associated with them is just too high, unless Twitter allow us to show our dislike.

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