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April 17, 2009

Random Thoughts on Community Radio

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Rather than the title of this post referring to my random thought on community radio, it reflects the fact that this evening my random thoughts were being broadcast on the local community radio:

Looking for a guest for tonight’s Wolverhampton Politics Show after someone had to pull out. Any takers? :) 8pm-9pm on 101.8 WCR FM

Whilst anyone who knows me would have said “you’d be better off with dead air or possibly a goat”, the ephemeral ties of Twitter were enough for a foot in the door. At least two old ladies and a cat probably got to hear my opinions:
1) Pirate Bay – No sympathy.
2) Email smear campaign – move on you hypocritical Tories and journalists.
3) Green car subsidies – dislike cars, but as people are selfish, green cars are probably the best we can hope for.

I have never really given much thought to community radio before, but it immediately appeals to me (non-commercial ventures generally do).

What the Wolverhampton Community Radio really needs, however, is a tech slot…or more specially a Black Country Social Media Cafe Radio Show! Surely the BCSMC have enough knowledge to fill an hour each week.

Why broadcast in the web 2.0 world? Because it would be nice if the social media cafe could reach beyond the technorati.

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