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November 22, 2008

Sky News on BNP site traffic…and other opinions

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The leak of the BNP membership details has continued to produce a vast amount of press coverage over the last couple of days, and I must admit to being slightly addicted to reading both the stories and the comments of the masses (impossible to read and support democracy). Anyway, yesterday Sky News published a story about how they had seen research which showed the BNP web site got more traffic than the Labour web site!

Whilst “Research seen by Sky News” gives it an air of mystery/exclusive, the story is well known, I even blogged about it myself back in March. Unfortunately Sky News miss the reason why the BNP is so big online: Their values are not acceptable amongst the majority of society and can not be freely aired in the real world. So rather than a story of support for the BNP, it is a story about the unacceptable nature of their politics in the modern world.

What I would really like to see after the story dies down, is an analysis of the comments the public have been placing. Skewed heavily towards BNP activists, the comments provide a great opportunity to understand the irrational thinking of the BNP members.

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