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September 5, 2008

Chrome: The world’s quickest porn browser

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It is always a bit of a chore to catch up on RSS feeds after a couple of days away, but the release of Chrome has taken the blogosphere by storm in a way I have never seen before.

Whilst Blogpulse shows that 1.5% of all blog posts were about Chrome, it was probably nearer 25% of all the posts in my RSS reader. Even the most irregular of bloggers were compelled to post an opinion. So, is Chrome any good, and how quickly will it grab market share?

Chrome is amazingly quick, the bloggers are impressed, the press have decided not to take the ‘porn’ browser line they did with Internet Explorer 8 – Beta 2, and it’s promoted on the Google homepage. Whilst it has been suggested that Chrome will take 15-20% of the browser market within 2yrs, I expect to see it grow faster than that.

Not only will Chrome quickly gain market share, they will be getting it primarily from Microsoft, not Firefox. Without extentions the Firefox geeks are unlikely to be swayed in the long term, whilst the simplicity and speed will quickly appeal to the average user. From Microsoft’s point of view, it will give Google access to sort of data that they wanted to leverage with their BrowseRank.

Verdict: Unless Microsoft produce something amazingly innovative in the next couple of years, Google will own the web within 10 years.

The reason for my delay…

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The release of Chrome was the biggest browser story for years. Unfortunately, due to its release on Tuesday revolving around Eastern Standard Time (I only recognise GMT), and my being in Loughborough on Wednesday and Thursday with only a linux computer for company, I have only just had the opportunity to try Chrome. First impressions are mixed, but these things take time.

I did, however, get the opportunity to discover mouth kiss urinals at the Newshouse in Loughborough:

September 2, 2008

Waiting for Chrome

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When you wake up thinking “I can’t wait to try Chrome” [that's Google's new browser if you have been living living under a rock for 24hrs], you realise that you spend too much time working and thinking about the online world. It is, however, an important move that could shake up the way we use the web for years to come.

Chrome is being promoted as the first step in the brave new world without Windows, it will be the web OS. ‘Hooray’ shout the Google worshippers, professing their love for a service they have not yet tried: “I love Chrome already and I haven’t even tried it yet” says an irrational TechCrunch, presumably shortly before taking a much needed very cold shower.

I have mentioned before that I was waiting for a browser that fundamentally changes our surfing behaviour, but it would be a shame if it came from Google. But there again, for all the noise their launches attract, they haven’t been particularly great products in recent times (e.g., Knol, Lively). So maybe there is still time for a new entry into the browser market.

nb. At the time of writing this, I am still waiting for the product to be launched. It’s in Google’s index, but the link just forwards me to the Google homepage.

But hopefully I will get to try it before the day is out.

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