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August 28, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 – Beta 2

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Almost 6 months after the first beta was launched, today saw the launch of Internet Explorer 8 – beta 2. With a new privacy mode – widely labelled ‘porn mode’ by the newspapers – it has managed to get more irrational responses than you would expect from the launch of a new browser:

Sick just another way to allow married men to access porn without the wife finding out, bet this and other sites are the reason courts have seen previously very secure 15 year plus marriages hit the rocks when wives dont live up to a sexed-up husband’s hard core porn expectations.
- Dee, Hampshire, England, 28/8/2008 18:39

I can see this “improvement” being very popular with paedophiles. Transfer all their pics to private online photo browsers, and no need for them to be worried about having their computers seized by the police when this is released.
Mike, London, England

Who knows why people get over-excited at ‘publishing’ their angry/ignorant comments on the big public sites, but it reminds me that there was a great post in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago about it: What about are rights?

March 6, 2008

IE 8 v. Firefox 3

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Internet Explorer 8 was launched yesterday, and whilst I have spent the morning messing about with some of the new features, it’s unlikely to set the browser world alight. But there again neither is Firefox 3 (however over-excited certain web-users get).

For all the additions over the years, browsing is pretty much the same as it always has been. Whilst I may get excited about certain new innovations when a browser add-on first launches, I have soon returned to browsing in the way I always have: clicking on links and typing urls into the address bar. The only innovation that has made a real difference to my browsing habits has been the inclusion of tabs.

The situation is probably the same for most users, despite geek hype about Firefox, and the majority of users will continue to use the familiar Internet Explorer interface for the foreseeable future. Personally, however, I would welcome a new browser that fundamentally changes the way we surf.

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