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October 17, 2008

Web Entrepreneurs: What a bunch of tossers

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Last week I bought Paul Carr’s Bringing nothing to the party: True confessions of a new media whore; yesterday I read it. Review in brief: A fun light read that managed to raise the occasional smile. Opinion of web entrepreneurs in general: what a bunch of tossers.

Obviously there is no reason why the web should be different to any other business with plenty of money sloshing about, it’s just that I am highly unlikely to pick up a book on any other sort of business.

If I ever think about leaving the life of academia behind me, this is the book that made it clear that the life of a London web entrepreneur is not the life for me. I’m just not shallow enough.

October 13, 2008

Another Book Review….

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Just in case you find yourself bored on a Monday afternoon (or any afternoon for that matter), and you want to read some more of my words-of-wisdom/random-thoughts, I have just reviewed a book for Online Information Review(32(5)): Digital Media and Democracy.

This particular review was dragged from me through blood, sweat, and tears. On the night I had said I would send it off, I had also committed to having a curry with a couple of webometric colleagues; forcing me to drink diet coke so I could continue work afterwards, whilst they happily drank copious amounts of red wine (or some such alcoholic beverage). Nonetheless I was still enamoured enough with the book to want to recommend it unreservedly (albeit with a slight caveat in the end).

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