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April 2, 2008

Social Buttons: Which should I add?

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After playing around with the Digg API yesterday, I decided it was a good opportunity to add some social networking site buttons to my blog; although, as with all things on the web, it turned out to be more difficult than I initially imagined. Despite there being lots of code, and advice, on the web, I couldn’t get any of it to work. This may be because my blogger-based blog is not hosted by Google, but in truth I am not sure.

In the end I based my buttons on the simple html code provided by Technology Wrap with the images identified by Political Tech. At which point it all seems remarkable easy.

Whilst appreciating some people dislike these buttons, and I am not personally a fan of many of the stories that rise to the top of sites like Digg, they are nonetheless part and parcel of the web these days.

October 26, 2007

A New T-shirt

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Whilst not on a par with my personalised qr code t-shirt, it is nevertheless a welcome addition to my blog promoting t-shirts:

The picture quality isn’t great as I MMS-ed it to my Hotmail to save on carrying a usb lead. Unfortunately, despite hours of trying, I have failed to successfully manage to get my T-Mobile N95 to post directly to blogger…although the rumour seems to be that I can manage it through a Yahoo account.

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