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March 7, 2009

Argos Complaints: What is the Social Web Solution?

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My girlfriend has just finished writing a letter to Argos complaining about a chest of drawers that arrived with a missing part. After two months of being informed that the part was on it’s way, she has now been informed that the part is not available and that she will have to dismantle the chest of drawers if she wants it collected so she can get a refund. The offered recompense for building and dismantling a chest of drawers and two months of inconvenience, a £10 Argos voucher!

Whilst the social web can be a useful tool for getting results when numerous people have been inconvenienced, how can it help a single customer find a solution when large corporations are being unreasonable? And is Argos being unreasonable asking for the chest of drawers to be dismantled?

[UPDATE 09/03/09] Then unexpectedly we wake up this morning to find the drawer-base sitting on the doorstep! We won’t be ordering furniture from Argos again.

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