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April 29, 2008

Social Media Disorders

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There was an interesting blog post at the Online Journalism Blog about social media addicts and some of the associated syndromes:
-Comment Guilt
-RSS Reader Sisyphus Complex
-Twitter Rage
-Six Degrees of Seperation Syndrome
-Plugin/Update Cofusion
-FOOcamp Anxiety

Whilst ‘RSS Reader Sisyphus Complex’ is my only specifically identified syndrome, I do suffer from variations of some of the others. Specifically:
-Post Guilt – Rather than guilt at not commenting on other people’s blogs, I must admit to publishing a lot of low quality posts.
-Publish Post Rage – The delay between clicking on the ‘publish post’ button and the publishing of the post can feel like hours. This always seems to occur when you have made a mistake and want to change your post.
-F-ing Stupid Computer Confusion – If only my time loss was limited to plugins and updates, on so many occasions everything in the computer world seems to conspire against me. Two days ago I spent 5 hours trying to transfer my Endnote references to CiteULike: they still reside solely on Endnote. Yesterday I spent 2 hours on a browser problem my girlfriend was having: the problem has yet to be resolved.

In defense of Twitterhoeia, and it’s associated cousin bloggerhoeia, sometimes it is the mundane that actually piques the interest of others in the online community. Often I find that the well-thought-out essay sized posts get little response, whereas the mundane posts become a forum for discussion.

Most of the syndromes seem to be driven by a need to be the centre of the world, to know everything and everyone, and be recognised by our peers as such. The online world encourages this narcissism as we are able to put ‘concrete’ figures to so many of our actions: how many friends we have, follows, visitors. First step on the road to recovery: dump the site analytics. It is too late for me, but there may be hope for some of you.

February 9, 2008

Where is the truly addictive web site?

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I am finding myself increasingly bored with the web, whilst this may not be a problem for most people, my job is basically researching things I find interesting on the web. No interest, no research, no job.

The problem is that I have failed to find a web site that has me truly addicted. Whilst some sites have become endemic in my online behaviour (e.g., Google), they don’t particular provide me with any enjoyment. Where is the site that can give me a hit of enjoyment every time and that makes me want to return again and again with increasing regularity?

Some sites have provided me with an initial buzz, but have soon become tiresome (e.g., Facebook), whilst others are like classic comedies that you happily sit through with a faded reflection of enjoyment (e.g., JT’s blocks).

What I want is multimedia-fest that streams everything I want to my screen with minimal involvement. I am fed up with clicking amongst the crap.

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