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May 14, 2011

Real Football Fans Support Stoke

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It’s FA Cup final day, and I’ll be putting my feet up in front of the TV and watching it in the hope that Stoke can upset the odds and beat Manchester City. It’s nothing personal against MCFC, purely a money thing. If Man City win, it’s because they have a lot of money; if Stoke win it’ll have a lot more to do with hard work. Whilst football is just a game (despite what Bill Shankly said), it’s nonetheless a shame to see something that means so much to so many people reduced to who has the biggest wallet. Stoke winning the FA Cup would buck that trend slightly.

Personally I’m a Norwich fan, and have had my own reasons to be joyful this season with Norwich winning promotion to the premiership. However I wouldn’t go as far as to claim it to be the ‘miracle’ the Norwich manager did. Plotting the points earned against the wealth of the various clubs’ owners (a rough guide to potential investment and ambitions for the club) and you see Norwich actually had a solid, workman-like result. It seems to have had as much to do with Sheffield Utd, Preston, and Watford, not reaching their potential as anything Norwich did. The real miracle will be if Swansea manage to win the play-offs.

Fans will argue that there’s a lot more to football than the size of the owners wallets. Money may not guarantee success, but it makes it a lot easier.

Estimated wealth of Stoke owner – £400 million <–that’s £60 million less than the Norwich owners.

Estimated wealth of Manchester City owner – £17,800 million.


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