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August 7, 2010

Lazy Lazy Daily Mail…probably want handouts too…

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If you are going to write a piece about how lazy people on benefits are, it’s probably a good idea not to resort to extremely lazy journalism.¬† Today the Daily Mail are having another rant about people on benefits:

Britain’s benefits bonanza: How 100,000 households rake in more than average wage in welfare every year

Such stories are just part of the usual right-wing crap – along with bringing back hanging, workhouses, and compulsory Latin. They couple their news story with the details of the Davey family’s lifestyle – 42″ tv, people carrier, etc…obviously to the average Daily Mail reader anything more than gruel, sterilization, and a sound thrashing is too good for them.

What is clearly missing from the story is the fact the Claire Davey deserves every penny as a national treasure! She’s about 11 months pregnant with her eighth child by my calculations. When they first wheeled the family out on April 13th she was 7 months pregnant, and when they repeated the story 3 days later they were even more¬† precise saying she had 9 weeks to go, and today she is seven weeks overdue! Will she ever have her eighth baby, or will she just keep growing larger and larger as the Daily Mail wheel the family out again and again.

There are a couple of points here: 1) the Daily Mail is a crap newspaper 2) Shouldn’t someone be stepping in to stop the repeating of a story with no news value which is so obviously to the detriment of the children (if indeed the family even exists).

[nb. Oops - this post was actually intended for my Politico-Mania blog...oh well.]

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