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July 22, 2010

Who reads my Webometric Thoughts?

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I still haven’t fallen back into the blogging habit since changing over from Blogger, but does anyone really care about my missing thoughts? Well, during the change-over period I got the opportunity to build up a fuller picture of my some of my readers – for the first time some people clicked on the Amazon links and bought some books!

So what do my readers pay to read? Highly insightful works on social media, library and information science, and various metrics? Do they take into account the books I’ve read and recommended (or at least linked to)?

The only book someone bought that I had actually linked-to or read was Click: What We Do Online and Why It Matters, although one of my readers also bought Web Analytics: An Hour a Day.
The most books, however, were sold to a demographic my blog had mostly been ignoring – the teenager girl into vampire romance:

I’m not sure why someone would decide to buy 4 Twilight books after reading about a monkey on Chatroulette – but that person made me £0.88!

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