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February 13, 2009

Reflections on BrumTwestival!

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Last night I went to the BrumTwestival, both a good cause and an opportunity to find out people’s opinions on Twitter. Obviously, like all good bloggers I had my trusty camera phone to photograph the event:

Whilst some would say that I should have probably attempted photography before heading to the bar, I place all blame on the Xda Serra’s camera…I never had this trouble with an N95.

As I continue throwing myself head first into an investigation of Twitter, I am still no nearer finding out whether it is has a use not found elsewhere, but the list of uses does continue to grow:
-News service
-Seach engine
-Question answering service
Whilst I’m sure there are lots of people who use Twitter in a work setting, I didn’t manage to find any last night; it was mostly just personal use.

nb. Unfortunately the university have informed me that drinking copious amounts of beer and chatting to people in a bar does not conform to their more traditional ideas of research. They will not be refunding my expenses.


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