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December 3, 2008

Mobile Web brings back dial-up memories

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I have just finished reading comScore’s “First Whitepaper Examining PC and Mobile Internet Usage in the U.K.“. Whilst most of the findings were unsurprising (i.e., mobile internet use rising fast), the top 10 domains accessed by U.K. Smartphone users reminded me of using dial-up connections many years ago: when the floppy disk arrived from your ISP and you generally kept (at least at first) whatever homepage the ISP had designated. Three of the top ten domains accessed by UK smartphone users are network providers:

Are network providers really the best providers of a mobile start page? Or are users just too lazy/ignorant to change their homepage?

I have moved away from the ISP designated homepage onto the next stage of homepage evolution(last seen on the web circa 1998): your own badly designed html page of links. True to the tradition of designing your own links page, mine is in badly in need of updating.


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