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November 9, 2008

Small BASIC: A simple programming introduction

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Way back in April Bill Thompson posed the question “Who will write tomorrow’s code?” As an appalling programmer it is a topic I am very interested in, and was therefore intrigued by Microsoft’s Small BASIC (via ReadWriteWeb): A development environment using a small version of the BASIC programming language.

Whilst Small Basic incorporates web elements (even having a Flickr class), reading the 62 page ‘Getting Started’ guide was bit of a trip down programming memory lane; reminding me of learning to draw simple graphics on the ZX Spectrum, and using Logo on the BBC Micro.

The success of Small BASIC will depend on the user-community and the third-party libraries that build up around it, and at this early stage it is impossible to say how much interest Small BASIC will gain. However, I for one will enjoy seeing what I can do with it’s limited keywords (15 according to the front page, 14 according to the FAQ), although a vibrant community will need people with far more extensive programming skills than mine.

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