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November 3, 2008

Facebook Overtakes the BBC in the UK!

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Looking at ComScore’s top U.K. web rankings for September 2008 there is one big story: the greatest broadcaster the world has ever known (i.e., the BBC) has been overtaken on the web in the UK by a social network site most famous for ‘the poke’ (i.e., the Facebook).

Whilst I have never been one to subscribe to the Daily Mail’s mantra that ‘the world has gone to hell in a handcart’, you can’t help but despair on days like this. The future’s bleak, the future is filled with flying sheep and zombie bites. It will be interesting to see how the Mail deal with the story. Do they spin it as the “BBC letting things slip” or “Armageddon due as world’s youth communicate”? So much fear and hatred and only one small paper.

The BBC has a massive site with loads of great stuff, but unfortunately most people just go to the same few small areas. Everyone should go to the BBC this minute and surf an area they haven’t been to before!


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